Fertility Acupuncture in Walthamstow

Due to modern life a lot of women suffer from many issues with their menstrual cycle from pain, heavy flow to fertility issues. These are not usually picked up until they start trying for a baby. Fertility Acupuncture can help support you with these issues.

The use of fertility Acupuncture can be helpful in many ways for example:

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Helping with painful problematic periods like cramping, heavy or light flows
  • Regulates hormonal imbalances, PMS signs and symptoms, headaches
  • Improving ovulation and boosting egg quality alongside some nutritional advice
  • Reduces stress by helping the sympathetic nervous system to switch off and lowering adrenaline and cortisol, in turn switching on the parasympathetic nervous system to produce and release endorphins
  • Helps with blood flow to the lower abdomen and pelvic region by bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the uterus creating a warm environment for an embryo implant whether naturally or in preparation for IUI/IVF procedures
  • Improves sleep therefore regulating a healthy immune system, ensuring the absorption of nourishment and upping energy levels

Fertility Acupuncture treatments are available in Walthamstow and Stratford clinics

Acupuncture in adjacent to IVF:

  • Aids with the release of  FSH (Follicle stimulation hormone) and LH (Luternising hormone) to ensure ovulation by increasing the function between the Pituitary gland (hormone gland) and hypolthamus ensuring messages are sent to the ovaries in line with IVF protocols.
  • Works with both long protocols by helping with down regulating or long/short protocols by helping with stimulation.
  • Regulates the effects of the drugs with symptoms like menopausal hot flushes, headaches, tiredness, sweating by readdressing prolactin and cortisol levels.
  • Ensures the quality and number of eggs/follicles for collection with stimulation drugs has a better success rate for embryos.
  • Reduces the risk of hyper stimulation or OHSS (Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome).
  • Post egg collection Fertility Acupuncture helps with any pain or discomfort caused by reducing the amount of fluid around the ovaries ensuring the body’s good recovery in preparation for the next stage.
  • Helps both pre and post transfer of embryos with stress levels and creates a warm cosy environment for the embryo by increasing blood flow to the uterus and helping with implantation
  • Aids  with stress an anxiety during the 2 week wait of pregnancy testing.

Let’s not forget about what fertility acupuncture can do for males:

  • Creates better circulation around the testes
  • Lowers the temperature of the scotum
  • Aids in improving sperm count, quality and quantity
  • Helps with stress and anxiety levels

Please look at the latest research on the British Acupuncture Council website.

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